Programa de pós-graduação em ensino de ciências da natureza

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The Professional Master’s Course in Nature Sciences is the result of a project of professors from the Institutes of Chemistry and Physics of the Universidade Federal Fluminense recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, according to Ordinance No. 1,324, of November 8, 2012. In its first four-year evaluation, 2013-2016, it achieved concept 4.


To offer a solid qualification and training for a reflective and critical professional, supported by the practice and knowledge of research in the different areas of Science Teaching. To provide conditions, so the professional can seek and use teaching methodologies to improve his professional performance and teaching in Science, besides becoming a knowledge multiplier agent in his workplace. 


To qualify basic education professionals in the area of Nature Science Teaching, especially in the State of Rio de Janeiro, with technical competence and social responsibility.


To be an Academic Graduate Program, a national reference in the qualification of professionals in Nature Sciences of the Basic School Network, especially in the State of Rio de Janeiro.


1-Access to knowledge is everyone’s right.

2- Emphasis on the contents of Science, Chemistry and Physics, articulating the theoretical, methodological and epistemological aspects of Science Teaching.

3-Excellence in the training of a reflective and critical professional

4-Confidence that inclusion actions will favor a more diverse University that can contribute to equity and social equality

5-To be attentive to the demands of the target audience.



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